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Craft production in the Labrador Straits has played an important role in exemplifying local culture and tradition. During the early 20th century hundreds of local residents produced craft items for the Grenfell Mission cottage industry. Long before and after that time, with large families and limited means, people relied on their own resourcefulness and creativity to make items out of bare necessity. Nothing was ever wasted, as old clothes were used to make quilts or hooked rugs. Production of snowshoes, sealskin boots, wooden boats and homemade clothes were considered essential and were created with the finest detail and care.

Although such craftsmanship grew out of necessity, the skills and way of life have since evolved into the production of popular craft items. Passed down through generations, these skills are practised today as a means of producing accessories for the home or as gifts for others. It is a tradition that reflects the culture of the Labrador people and represents the quality of workmanship that has been implemented into various aspects of their lives.

The Labrador Straits Museum has a small craft shop that provides access to a wide variety of local handicrafts. From knitted items to handcrafted souvenirs, there are many Labrador crafts to avail of and many sources of skilled craftsmanship to admire. Members of the Women's Institute also contribute to this cause through their handmade items. The revenue generated from the sale of these local crafts is reinvested into the museum for the maintenance and general operation of the building. It also supports the growing craft industry, providing souvenirs for visitors and a means of sharing the traditions of local residents.

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