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historypic1Although the Labrador Straits has a long history, permanent settlement did not begin in the area until the 1830s. At this time, young women from Newfoundland were coming over with their families as part of the "Labrador Fishery". Many of them married single fishermen who were here from England and the Channel Islands. These relationships became the foundation of future generations in the Labrador Straits.

historypic2Over the years, the women of the area have contributed significantly to the development and improvement of communities along the Labrador coast. Despite their demanding roles as mothers, wives and support workers in the fishery, they still found time to become doctors, teachers, carpenters, craftspeople or whatever service that was required of them.

In honour of the many hard-working women that have graced the communities of the Labrador Straits, the local museum created an exhibit that would highlight some of their many contributions to the area. Similarly, it would serve as a tribute to the ever changing and demanding roles of local women and a celebration of all that they represent. The museum exhibit includes pictures, stories and interpretations of the lives of local women over the past two centuries. It also includes artifacts that have been passed down through generations that were used by women in their roles as mothers and professionals. Most importantly, it tells a story and links the efforts of all women in the area that have contributed to the quality of life in the Labrador Straits.


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