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churchpic3In 1910 a Roman Catholic Church was built by local residents in the community of Pinware. For many years people from the neighbouring communities of L'Anse au Loup and West St. Modeste would walk or travel by dog-team to attend the services at this church. In 1947 Father A.M. Tessier arrived to serve the people of the area, living and preaching in the village of Pinware. Just a few years later, in the early 1950s, the church was torn down.

Schools were then used for several years as places of worship. In response to the pastoral needs of the residents, a new church was constructed in the nearby community of West St. Modeste in 1958. Unfortunately, this building was destroyed by fire just days before its first service. Less than a year later a second church, "Our Lady of Labrador," was built in its place. Many of the items from the old church in Pinware, which were salvaged and stored in a temporary living quarters, were brought to the new church. These "older" church items were gradually replaced with newer, more modern pieces.

Considering the age and the value of the Pinware church artifacts, the congregation at Our Lady of Labrador kindly donated them to the Labrador Straits Museum. As a result, the museum currently has on display the rare artifacts from a local church dating back almost one hundred years. In addition to its historical and community value, the exhibit is a product of communities working together to share and preserve local heritage.


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