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burialmoundpic1Overlooking the nearby community of L'Anse Amour, the Labrador Straits Museum is just a few kilometres away from an important archaeological find dating to 7, 500 years ago.

The earliest known ceremonial burial in North America took place at this site. A Maritime Archaic Indian adolescent was buried there in a significant ceremonial manner. The body was wrapped and placed face down in a deep, wide pit. Fires were lit around the body, food was cooked in its presence and offerings of weapons and tools were placed in the grave. A large flat stone rested on the lower back. A large mound of rocks was placed over the grave to complete the ceremony. The manner in which this youth was buried some 7,500 years ago suggests that he/she had an important role or association within the tribe, or that his/her death had a special significance.

A plaque outlining the importance of this National Historic Site is displayed next to the mound near the community of L'Anse Amour. Just a few minutes away, the Labrador Straits Museum has an exhibit that highlights details of the site and displays reproductions of objects found during the excavation.

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